Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lucchio: Another random treasure

Friday, April 29
We visit another random hillside village, this one Randy’s choice—Lucchio, near Bagni di Lucca. According to online research, Luccio once was a city with 800 inhabitants; now it has only 50, so it is somewhat of a  ghost town. Isolated hill towns typically lose their young people, who leave for schooling and job pursuits. Once a town starts losing people, the trend continues, because stores close, causing further job losses and more people moving away.

But because Italy’s houses are built of stone instead of wood, empty towns here do not look as run down as they do in the United States. In fact, Lucchio is very appealing, with flowers blooming everywhere, even coming out of the stone walls. This would be a lovely place for a vacation home, with spectacular views and enough elevation to avoid the sweltering summer heat of the lowlands. Many of the buildings are for sale, and the prices are extremely affordable, as one might imagine in a city in decline.

The most interesting feature is a ruined castle on the top of the mountain, just a ten-minute walk up a trail from the town limits. We have a 360-degree view of the surrounding hills and valleys, and the top is flat and grassy, with wild flowers all around. It would be a ideal place to bring a blanket, a book and a picnic lunch. Lucy says she would love to take a sleeping bag and lie on her back at night (next to her husband, of course) and look at the stars, with no light pollution from nearby cities. Photos are not multi-dimensional enough to do justice to hilltop views, so you’ll just have come some see for yourself!


  1. Lovely pictures, lovely brother and family!

  2. Thank you for the comments and pics. I was born in Lucchio

  3. Lovely account of your trip, thank,you. Is there parking space and is ther a bar or shop, cafe?

    1. There was a bar, but it was closed. Maybe it is open on weekends or in the summer. We had no problem parking. We saw no other tourists and only a few residents, but it was early in the tourist season.

  4. This describes Lucchio perfectly.We have a house there and would love more people to buy the houses for sale.The village is very busy in the summer months and at weekends.There is a bar that is open at weekends and all through the summer.The food served is typical of the region and is fantastic.

  5. i love this little town. i saw many properties for sale there. what are prices like if one wanted to invest?


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