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Last links made with local Seghieris

Saturday, March 29
With a couple of trips to the Municipio of Montecarlo, I have finally had the satisfaction of clearing up the mystery of how the final two family groups on Via Mattonaia fit into the family tree. Last week I asked the clerk in the anagrafe office if I could have a copy of every Seghieri “state of the family” document. She has not always been the most patient with my halting requests for information, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive eighteen tabloid-size photocopies, all without being charged a penny.

After taking a couple of afternoons to analyze them, and using information Elena had given me about local families, I made the connection to Sandro Seghieri and his descendants. His grandchildren Morena and Moreno once occupied two empty houses on the end of Casone Marcucci that we sometimes dream about buying. But until today, I was still not sure about Ivo and his brothers. I had a suspicion that a Francesco Celestino I had found on one of the documents might be their grandfather. He was born in 1889 to Angelo Seghieri, so the date was about right. When I went back to the Municipio, I asked for the birth certificate of Ivo’s dad Angelo, which gave the name of Angelo’s father and grandfather: Celestino and then Angelo. This was a perfect match with the state of the family document I had, proving the connection.

Ivo and his brothers Fabio and Celestino, then, are my fourth cousins, not quite as closely connected as third cousins Fiorella, Manuella, Ivano and Fausto, the figli of my next-door neighbor Mario. Moreno is a fourth cousin as well, as would be Morena, though she died about six years ago. Ivo and his brothers, though, are probably doubly related, because their grandmother was Emma Capocchi, the daughter of Enrico. My great grandmother was Ines Capocchi. Just how Emma and Ines were related is not clear. The records show that Ines, born a generation earlier than Emma, did not have a brother named Enrico, so the answer will not be simple to find. The Capocchi family has been here since the 1500s and has many branches, so I may never discover that connection. Oh bother! Just when I solve one mystery, another pops up.


This chart shows how some of the Seghieri families are related. Sorry it did not appear any clearer. I include my line as well, although when my grandmother Anita married Michele Spadoni, the Seghieri name ended. I have not included Dante Marcucci Seghieri, who moved to Minnesota in 1913. He was the brother of Brunone Seghieri. He had a son Peter and daughters Joan and Lita.

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  1. Ciao Paul and Lucy..

    I have read this article now. And well, I am pretty excited as I am a relative. Moreno and Morena were children of Marino, also known as "Cannone". Marino and one of his brothers, Gino were living at Casone Marcucci.
    My grandfather Giuseppe was a Brother of Gino and Marino.
    My father a first cousin of Moreno and Morena !!
    Your image of the tree here attached is not quite clear and I would kindly ask you a copy emailed if possible. (
    Enzo, that you listed with Morena, Moreno, Laura and Lia (Laura and Lia were the daughters of Gino) was my uncle.
    If you want I have some pictures to share.

    My aunt, Elza Seghieri, is living here in Ferrara. She was born in 1935, so is 79 years old.

    I hope you will take contact with me, I am so happy I can find some memories and stories of our family.

    You can see some pictures here:

    Best Regards,

    Matteo Seghieri


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