Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Family ties to Severino Seghieri found

Monday, April 7
I had heard from cousin Don Seghieri that there were some Seghieris in San Francisco who partnered in a cement and mosaic business in the early 1900s. Don had contacted one of the descendants some years ago, and they couldn’t determine how they were related, although both families had roots in Montecarlo. Since then, I have tried off and on to see if I could make the connection, and it finally happened today.

I found the Italian state of the family certificate that lists Severino Seghieri, one of the men who worked in the construction business. With that, I was able to tie him into the family tree, because his family was fairly closely connected to the late Mario Seghieri. Mario was an important historian in Montecarlo and had constructed a very complete family tree—thus I now have more details on Severino’s historical family than I have on my own.

Severino’s grandfather Giuseppe and great uncle Adamo are listed as muratori (brick or stone layers) who apparently left Montecarlo for a period of time in the mid-1800s to work on some jobs south of Pisa. While there, Giuseppe met and married Luisa Benvenuti of Massa Marittima, and Alex’s father Edoardo was born in Suvereto, a small town near Massa Marittima. However, when the work was finished, Giuseppe and his family relocated to Montecarlo, and Edoardo married Cesira Marini of Altopascio, just a few minutes from Montecarlo.

Records in both Italy and the United States show that Severino was born July 27, 1889. In 1906, he made his way to San Francisco. The ship’s log says that he and his uncle Dante Seghieri were going to visit their cousin Alex Seghieri.

I am working now to get more information on the origins of the family’s business. Besides Alex, Severino and Dante, there was also an Adolfo Seghieri listed as associated with the business. When I find out more, I will post an update. If by chance anyone from that family reads this blog, please contact me and I will give you a big pile of ancestry facts that have taken untold hours to track down. You can have them for free, but you did miss out on the pleasure of the hunt here in the bel paese.

Update: I found out more details about this group of Seghieri relatives and their businesses. You can read it here: Four Seghieri immigrants to San Francisco all worked in family construction business.

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  1. Pretty impressive being only 15 and in business in San Francisco. Hard to imagine.



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