Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Padule di Fuchecchio photos and music presentation a treat for the eyes

I first visited the Padule di Fuchecchio two years ago when I was doing a story on a horrific slaughter of civilians that took place there during World War 2. This little-visited nature preserve, the largest marsh in Italy, is located in the Valdinievole, where my Italian ancestors lived from at least the 1400s onward.

This lucky group of journalists and photographers received
a guided tour of the Padule. Someday I may be so fortunate.
You can read about my visit in this blog: Our first excursion to the Padule di Fucecchio begs a return visit. The swamp is teeming with wildlife, though it is often hard to spot. Having a little boat and knowing where and when to venture out are important factors to get the best views and photos. Those of us who don’t have these advantages can experience a glimpse of the Padules beauty by viewing photographs taken by Padule enthusiasts who live nearby.

I recently came across a pleasant photo montage on Facebook. It is the combined work of more than a dozen amateur and professional photographers who are members of the group “You love the Padule di Fucecchio if . . .” The photos and soothing music make for a worthwhile three-minute pause. Click here: The Padule di Fucecchio video.

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