Thursday, January 30, 2014

We rest before heading off for adventure

Thursday, January 30
We left rainy Washington, which actually hasn’t had much rain this winter, to come to the warmth of Italy. However, it has rained pretty much every minute of this day in San Salvatore, and we only ventured outside to borrow Roberta’s car to go to the grocery store and buy a sewing machine for Lucy's quilting projects. The rain is not a problem, though, as we had planned to stay inside and rest today anyway.

Tomorrow we leave on an eleven-day cruise to various cities, which is atypical of our visits to Italy. We usually prefer the slower pace of staying in one place and taking only short forays into smaller cities, but we got a superb deal from Costa Cruises and decided to mix up our usual routine. Thus we will have limited Internet access, and I won’t be posting any blog entries until sometime after February 12. Then we will be at the Casolare dei Fiori until late April, and we hope to continue our goals of learning Italian, living like Italians and making connections with family and the community. Ci vediamo presto!

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