Sunday, November 8, 2015

And now our life has become mundane again -- and for that we are thankful

Saturday, November 7
Our slim lavatrice fits just right in the bagno.
After several false hopes, we finally found an idraulico who could come right away to make the connections needed for our washing machine, stove and dishwasher. And just in time, because we were almost out of clean clothes. I celebrated by cooking a big pot of minestrone using vegetables I had purchased from the outdoor market at Chiesina Uzzanese. Lucy spent almost all day organizing the kitchen and running four loads of laundry.

This sounds pretty mundane, but what it actually means is that we now have a normal life here. I had expected we’d need more time and effort to put the house in order, but we are done, for the most part. Everything is unpacked. Everything works.

We had looked at many houses in the past five years, and most of them needed a pile of work. Certainly a rustic ancient farmhouse can spark the imagination and fill one’s mind with endless possibilities, but fixer-uppers also occupy my mind with thoughts of sweat and headaches. We are here to experience culture and to relax. In our lives, we have done our share of house building and furniture shopping already.

As for my concern about the bathroom’s odious odors, that turned out to be a false alarm. I looked again in the attic and found that the space above the bathroom is vented after all, and cleaning the bathroom ceiling and floor with lots of ammonia has worked wonders.

We took some time out today to stroll up and down via Roma to experience the Sapori di Autunno, a small festa to celebrate the making of new wine and olive oil. We shared a glass of vino novello and bruschetta with new olive oil. The bruschetta had been sprinkled with so much salt that we couldn’t finish it. This is our second Montecarlo festa in less than two weeks, and it’s events like this that we usually miss because of our habit of coming to Italy in the winter. Maybe we’ll have to come again next fall during one of the bigger festas.

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