Sunday, February 6, 2011

Polpetta e ragu'

Saturday, February 5
Our first real weekend begins, and we explore a couple of the nearby communities on bicycle. It turns out there is a discount electronics store, Trony, only about a mile away in Ponte Alla Ciliegia, so I am able to buy a printer. We also stop at a macelleria in Chiesina Uzzanese, where Lucy buys some polpetta and ragu', and we have them for dinner tonight. Wow, what flavor in those meatballs and meat sauce! Lucy has always been a great cook, but now she is even better, simply because the ingredients are somehow more pure and robust. Fruits and vegetables are always ripe when picked, so tomatoes, apples, Brussels spouts and so on burst with zesty taste.


  1. I looooove the name of your blog! Can't wait for Italian food. Argentine food is, well, pretty gross, I'm not gunna lie. I miss fresh food! But not as much as I miss you both!

  2. Maybe Lucy should write a book titled "Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking" Think what it did for Julie Childs


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