Friday, April 24, 2015

Gigia’s kittens are alive and well

Roberta gave us the good news that she has found Gigia’s kittens, and they are doing well. There are three of them living in a rolling bin that the personnel at the Casolare dei Fiori use to hold and move floral displays. Roberta found them a few days ago when it was raining and wheeled the bin under cover inside one of the greenhouses.

The bin makes a purrfect (sorry) home, because the walls are about two feet tall, and the kittens can’t wander, but Gigia can easily jump in. That’s probably why she seems so much at ease when she comes to visit us, knowing that her babies are completely enclosed and safe. Now I have to reconsider my previous belief that she was kitten-less and had found another human family to watch over her. Since her kittens are here at the Casolare, I can only speculate that she may have found other people willing to feed her, but she still is basically living on her own.

Roberta showed us where the kittens are living, and Gigia watched us warily as we parted the plants and peaked down inside. We could only see them from the top, but I poked my camera down lower and tried to snap some photos, with limited success. Two are dark and one is mostly white. Roberta also filled us in one Gigia’s previous motherhood. She said Gigia had five kittens last year, all of different colors. I forgot to ask if she knows where they are now.

We will miss our little visitor when we move out next week, but she made our time here more pleasant, and we were able to help keep her nourished during her pregnancy and the last few weeks while she has been nursing. Now she in one of the greenhouses that is right across from the office and is often used for arranging, packing and storing, so we know she and her little family will be watched over well.

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