Sunday, January 2, 2022

More Seghieri families in the world

Through a combination of the marvels of the internet along with painstaking research in ancient documents, I’ve recently found the connection to another branch of the Seghieri family in France. And just days later, I made a connection to a separate Seghieri line in Argentina.

The French family joined one of the two Seghieri family Facebook pages, and from there made friends with other French relatives. Florian Seghieri and Georges Seghieri, members of this previously undiscovered line, are now considering attending the family reunion in Montecarlo in May.

However, the new family did not know exactly how they were connected to the family tree. This is where the old-fashioned research comes in, and the credit for that belongs to family friend Sergio Nelli. Doctor Nelli is a famous Montecarlo historian and author who has spent countless days poring through civil and church records and compiling information on the founding families of Montecarlo.

Doctor Nelli has kindly shared some of his research on the Seghieri family with me, which I have compiled into a huge family tree kept in a computer database. Using his information, it was a simple matter to find the ancestor who moved from Italy to France in the mid-1800s. Adamo Emilio Seghieri, born in Montecarlo in 1851, largely disappeared from my database—and next appears in French records when he married Thérèse Pacouill in 1878 in Millas. Later that year, Thérèse gave birth to Antoine Seghieri, the great grandfather of Florian.

The Argentine Seghieri family connection came about when Graciela Seghieri asked on the Seghieri / Seghieri Facebook page if anyone had information about Nello Seghieri and his brother Armando. I had both of these men in the family tree, born in Montecarlo around 1900, but I had no information about them after that time. As it turns out, this is because both of them emigrated to Argentina. Armando had returned to Italy for some visits, Graciela said, but Nello never did. Nello had four children, three of whom are now deceased, and Graciela is his granddaughter. shows that Graciela’s late father Humberto was my fourth cousin. I have been using Google translate to write to Graciela in Portuguese. Who knows, maybe someone from her family will want to come to the reunion?

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